Saturday, May 11, 2013

We Begin Again

1. Application downloaded from and filled in. Check.

2. Physician's form downloaded and filled in. Check.

3. References. Check.

4. Form signed by employer and added to application. Check.

5. Form signed by landlord and added to application. Check.

6. Form scanned into PDF document and emailed to Dog Guides. Check.

7. Wait. Refrain from emailing every two hours to ask if they received my application.

8. Send email asking if PDF was received (it was a HUGE document).  Response: yes.

9. Wait and try not to send an email every ten minutes to ask about my status.

10. Email for another follow up.

11. Yup. Application is being processed.

12. Email from Tracy, to set up an interview. YES!

13. Interview to occur on May 14.  YES! YES!

14.  Stay tuned. ...  ...  ...


Elvinagb said...

Finally got around to visiting your blog and I'm very glad I did. Good luck with your new application. Bosley has left big "shoes" to fill. Our foster pup has gone back for training so we don't have a dog to walk with at High Park today, but I will think of Bosley and all the other wonderful dogs out there helping people live full and wonderful lives.

Silke said...

hip hip!

Silke said...

“All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well,” ~Julian of Norwich